2018 Unverferth Rolling Harrow® 1245D 22'

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Rolling Harrow® 1245D 22'



Rolling Harrow® 1245D

Unverferth Seedbed Tillage

The Unverferth Rolling Harrow® soil conditioner has been the industry's leading soil finisher for more than 30 years. And it just keeps getting better!

The model 1245D Rolling Harrow® adds to the three decades long tradition of aggressive, scalloped and pitched front rolling baskets and combines it with a cleated rear rolling drum to enhance soil firming. The exclusive lead basket design features notched end and center discs along with 20% taller blades for optimum soil penetration while the rear rolling drum pushes down stones for additional draper head clearance at harvest.

  • The model 1245D features a 13" diameter rear rolling drum with 1 1/2" welded cleats that drive the drum through the field while creating channels for enhanced water retention
  • The 12.5" diameter lead baskets feature an exclusive deisgn with a 1 5/8" center shaft providing full-width basket support, notched end and center discs for greater depth and soil penetration and 20% taller blades for increased penetration and extended life
  • The basket-drum design combines an aggressive front basket with angled blades that dig into the soil and a rear drum that maximizes soil firming while pushing down stones for increased draper head clearance at harvest
  • The lead basket features high-carbon steel blades that thoroughly mulches, agitates and mixes the top 2-3 inches of soil for optimum residue and chemical incorporation
  • Free-floating basket rollers provide uniform soil conditioning in a wide variety of field terrains and soil types
  • Patented 4-bolt greaseless basket bearings with triple lip seals and 1 1/8" square bore for withstanding heavy side-load stress during high speed turns
  • Minimal weight is added to the primary tillage implement lengthening its life
  • Adjustable-length tongue for ideal turning
  • 22" of ground transport clearance
  • On 12' - 45' units, single hydraulics with a split function valve is standard and on 47' - 63' units, dual hydraulics are standard
  • All hydraulic hoses are routed through mainframe and include end caps for longer life
  • Standard jack for parking and storing the implement
  • Working widths from 12' to 63' in stack-, cross- and vertical-folding and designs for a narrow transport width
  • Your choice of high-gloss, powder coat finish of tractor red or green
  • Working Width: 22'
  • Fold Type: Flat
  • Transport Width: 12'5"
  • Transport Height: 5'11"
  • Minimum Length: 19'1"
  • Maximum Length: 30'1"
  • Base Width: 12'
  • Mid Wing Width: -
  • End Wing Width: 5'
  • Tire Size: 9.5L x 15
  • Approx. Weight w/Harrows: 4,217 lbs



Working Width
22 ft.
4217 lb.

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