2018 Unverferth Rolling Harrow® 1225 29'

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Rolling Harrow® 1225 29'



Rolling Harrow® 1225

Unverferth Seedbed Tillage

Others may imitate, but none duplicate. Only the Unverferth Rolling Harrow soil conditioner has the most choices available for customizing a soil conditioner to your specific needs. Hitch the Rolling Harrow double basket soil conditioner to your primary tillage tool, and you'll be ready for planting with just one tillage pass. The Rolling Harrow soil conditioner levels, incorporates chemicals and finishes the soil in one smooth, efficient operation. You'll get a firm, level field with coarse soil on top that resists crusting, with the finer soil particles at planting depth for optimum seed-to-soil contact. With the double basket Rolling Harrow soil conditioner, you have many choices to match your operation.

  • The double basket design features an aggressive lead roller with scalloped and pitched blades to penetrate and shatter the soil
  • The passive trailing roller features scalloped blades that run perpendicular to the ground to condition and finish the soil
  • High-carbon steel blades thoroughly mulches, agitates and mixes the top 2-3 inches of soil for optimum residue and chemical incorporation
  • Rollers can be operated in a free-float position for closely following the ground contour, or can be locked with optional pins into one of five positions to be either more or less aggressive depending on your needs
  • Exclusive basket assembly design allows them to be easily reversed for extra firming action in lighter soils
  • Patent-pending 4-bolt basket bearings with triple lip seals and 1 1/8" square bore for withstanding heavy side-load stress during high speed turns
  • Minimal weight is added to the primary tillage implement lengthening its life
  • Adjustable-length tongue for ideal turning
  • 22" of ground transport clearance
  • On 12' - 45' units, single hydraulics with a split function valve is standard and on 47' - 63' units, dual hydraulics are standard
  • All hydraulic hoses are routed through mainframe and include end caps for longer life
  • Standard jack for parking and storing the implement
  • Available in 12' - 63' working widths depending on model
  • Working Width: 29'
  • Transport Width/Height: 15' 5"/5'11"
  • Width (Base): 15'
  • Width (Wings, Ea.): 7'
  • Fold: Flat
  • Approx. Weight with Harrow in lbs.: 4635



Working Width
29 ft.
4635 lb.

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