2018 Unverferth 1110

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The best part about owning an Unverferth grain cart is that you can unload your combine on the go and increase harvest efficiency by 30%. The best part about owning an Unverferth 1110, 1310 or 1610 grain cart is the dual-auger unloading power that transfers grain in a flash and gets you back to the combine faster than ever!

  • Dual-auger design features a 24" diameter lift auger and 20" floor auger on model 2020 and a 22" lift auger combined with a 20" floor auger on models 1610, 1310 and 1110 for complete cleanout, even in high-moisture grain
  • Model 2020 unloads 1,000 bushels per minute
  • Models 1610, 1310 and 1110 unload 840 bushels per minute
  • Model 2020 features a pivoting lift auger which provides more than 5' of height adjustability so the operator can lower the auger to the truck when unloading and raise the auger when pulling away
  • Dual-folding positions allow the lift auger to be completely lower for road transport and a convenient in-field transport position with easy-to-use stand shortens the time to fold the auger back into the unloading position
  • Dual four-strand belt drive with independent idlers power the high-output floor auger that feeds the lift auger
  • Multi-directional downspout provides in-and-out movement for easily loading and topping off of trucks and wagons
  • Dual auger-mounted halogen spotlights for easier nighttime unloading
  • 2000, 1600, 1300 and 1100 bushel capacity tanks with a tubular-steel mainframe, graphite coated interior and 12-gauge steel shell for increased durability
  • Narrow transport width for safer road travel and a load side height of less than 11' 6" for increased combine clearance
  • Standard transport safety chain, L.E.D. tail and flashing lights and reflective striping for added on added trasnport visibility
  • PTO features a slip clutch for superior component protection
  • Pivoting hose and electric receptacle holder keeps hoses up and out of the way
  • Hoses are color coded for quick and precise hookup
  • Weather Guard rollover tarp with trailer-type latching mechanism protects harvested crop from inclement weather
  • For complete cart cleanout, hinged floor access gates are standard
  • Capacity (bushels): 1,100
  • Overall Width (Singles/Walking Tandem & Tracks): 12'
  • Overall Width - 76-50x32 Tires: 14'2"
  • Overall Length: 30'10"
  • Transport Height: 12'2"
  • Height Loading Side: 10'10"
  • Auger Unloading Height: 14'4"
  • Auger Reach: 7'
  • Lift Auger Tube Diameter: 22"
  • Floor Auger Tube Diameter: 20"
  • Flighting: 1/2" Thick Edge in high-wear areas and remainder 3/8" leaned Thick Edge
  • Spindle Diameter: 4-1/2" Singles, 3-3/4" Duals
  • Appx. Empty Weight (lbs.): 16,300
  • Appx. Empty Weight - Tracks(lbs.): 22,915
  • Appx. Empty Tongue Weight (lbs.): 3,380
  • Appx. Loaded Tongue Weight (lbs.): 5,200
  • Min. Tractor H.P. Requirements: 225



1100 Bushel
22915 lb.

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