2015 Case IH Magnum 240 CVT


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Case IH
Magnum 240 CVT


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2015/460Hrs Luxury Cab, Suspended /Front Axle,360 lighting Guidance, 372 receiver Omni Star unlocked,4 remotes Big hyd pump,1000 rear wheel weights


Now Equipped with Fuel-Saving Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

105–205 PTO hp

Puma series is an ef?cient, multipurpose tractor line with just the right size and power to handle a variety of tasks in your operation. The new generation of Puma tractors delivers big-iron power, performance and comfort — plus features and technology almost as versatile as you are.

Make Short Work of a Long Chore List

Puma 130–165 tractors offer increased horsepower and Power Boost to get you through tough conditions or steep inclines.

Big-Iron Power & Performance in a Midsize Workhorse

Puma 170–240 models are designed to handle a variety of applications on mixed-crop and livestock operations.

  • AFS AccuGuide; ; Plug and Play Autoguidance Ready - Right From the Factory.; ; It's the fastest growing feature on farm tractors for a reason. Autoguidance increases productivity and reduces costs. All Puma tractors can now be ordered AFS AccuGuide complete right from the factory. So your precision system is ready to go when your Puma rolls off the line. The benefits? Building the system with the tractor at the plant ensures correct installation, testing and quality. You can roll your pecision system into your Puma financing package. And installation and set-up at the dealership moves that much faster.; ; ADVANCED FARMING SYSTEMS (AFS); AFS AccuGuide is an easy-to-use autoguidance system that eliminates the need to steer in open field; Maintain perfectly straight, repeatable rows, reducing skips and overlaps and eliminating the guesswork out of row spacing; Decreases compaction, setting you up for higher yields; You can choose the level of accuracy, from 1-foot to sub-inch; Display, controller and receiver are fully portable, moving freely from tractor to sprayer to combine; Case IH can personalize your precision level to match your comfort level; Save time and frustration with a large easy to read Pro 700 monitor; You can put your monitor on either the armrest or the monitor mounting bar
  • Intuitive Innovation; ; Producer Driven Innovations; ; CUSTOMER DRIVEN PRODUCT DESIGN (CDPD); Engineers work with producers in the field to build the best innovations for Puma tractors, tools and technologies; ; EMISSIONS TECHNOLOGY; SCR technology lowers emissions while improving engine horsepower capability; An average of 10% operating cost improvement; Superior solutions for engines over 100 hp; ; DIESELSAVER AUTOMATIC PRODUCTIVITY MANAGEMENT (APM); Electronically links the engine, transmission, PTO and hitch to MultiControl armrest and foot throttle; ; AUTOGUIDANCE; Complete factory-installed autoguidance option on Puma tractors, no waiting for set-up and prep; Choose your level of precision, and your Puma comes ready to plug and play
  • Loader Productivity; ; Designed for loader work, with added innovations that lighten your load.; ; MOVE MORE LOADS WITH LESS EFFORT; New sculpted hood improves visibility and maneuverability, for a tighter turning radius; Pressure Flow Compensating (PFC) load-sensing hydraulic system ensures responsive control; Turn Assist allows you to make full left or right turns by turning the steering wheel just 8 degrees; MultiControl armrest and electro-hydraulic joystick puts key controls literally at your fingertips
  • Maximum Uptime; ; Rugged Components and Easy Maintenance. Because There's No Time for Down-Time.; ; It's the nature of framing today - producers need to cover more ground in less time. You can't afford to be sidelined for costly service or lengthy maintenance. That's why we engineered Puma tractors with rugged Case IH components proven to provide years of reliable service. And why we added features like the easy-opening hood, convenient service steps to the cab and a right-hand service access door for easy cleanout and serviceability. We also made sure that daily maintenance checks are quick, easy - and at eye level.; ; CASE IH HIGH-QUALITY MANUFACTURING; Components live a longer-life, exceptional productivity and reduce your cost of ownership; Helical cut gears reduce noise levels and increase durability, quality and reliability, while delivering more efficient transfer power; ; SERVICEABILITY; Single-piece, flip-up hood provides full access to:; Engine, air cleaner, air-conditioner condenser, hydraulic oil cooler, air-to-air intercooler; Ground-level maintenance access; Check the engine transmission oil without raising the hood; Radiator and coolers fold out for easy cleaning; Swing-out coolers and radiators; Large front toolbox; Remote jump-start battery terminal (Puma 170-230 Tier 4A and 185-240 Tier 4B models); Placed above the engine starter on the right-hand side for easy connection; Single Poly-Vee belt drives the fan, alternator and water pump, reducing the number of belts, improving reliability and simplifying maintenance; 600-hour engine oil and filter service intervals, saving you time and money; No matter your field condition, the Electronic Common Rail fuel system gives you fast responses; ; LIGHTING; Case IH High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights produce three times the light of conventional halogen bulbs; More durable than filament bulbs; Requir
  • Operator Environment (Tier 4B); ; The ultimate in operator comfort.; ; OPERATOR ENVIRONMENT; Outstanding visibility in all directions with huge glass area of 63.2 square feet (including a high visibility roof panel option); Cleanly structured A-pillar instrumentation; All operator controls are centrally located in the Multi-Control Armrest design; Ergonomic design ensures efficient operation; Quiet operator environment to get the job done - only 69dB(A); Choice of comfortable cab or axle suspension systems; ; PUMA TIER 4B CAB ENHANCEMENTS; Updated MultiFunction Handle, larger, raised and backlit buttons; New headliner with reallocated air-condition controls and additional storage; Tinted rear window with suspended cab option; New steering column adjust for improved functionality; New storage nets added with passenger seat option; New optional wheat brown factory fit carpet with a stitched Case IH logo;
  • Power/Performance; ; More Usable Horesepower When and Where You Need It.; ; Time is money. So slowing down on hilly terrain, tiptoeing through tough spots in the field, even spending too much time controlling your tractor, can all cost you. The Case IH Puma lineup has plenty of power in a mid-size package, plus features like Power Boost, Power Growth, and the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) option - to deliver more power when and where you need it most, while keeping you productive.; ; ENGINE; Delivers Efficient Power with a Case IH 6.7-liter, 6 cylinder turbocharged, intercooled engine; Rated engine working speed of 2,200 rpm; 4 valves per cylinder for improved fuel economy and power; Extended oil change intervals save you time and maintenance costs; Electronic Common Rail fuel system gives you fast responses in changing field conditions; PowerBoost - boosts your engine by up to 35 HP to meet today's hydraulic demands; ; PRODUCTIVE CVT TRANSMISSION; Right gear ratio for the tractor operation at hand; Saves fuel and allows operator to focus on other operational needs; Maintains power to the ground. Shifting of gears is done automatically and never under a load; Ease of stopping and starting tractor. Most beneficial on inclines; ; FPS TRANSMISSION; Robust, proven and reliable transmission providing longer life; Nine gears in the field working range 0 to maximize on productivity; Speed matching allowing best match of travel speed to engine RPM; ; PTO; Features soft-start modulation protection and interchangeable 1 3/8-in (35-mm) shaft; Standard on Puma 170-230 Tier 4A and 185-240 Tier 4B models, the 540/1,000-rpm; Puma 130-160 Tier 4A and 150-165 Tier 4B models feature a 540/1,000-rpm reversible shaft; 6 spline, 540 rpm; 21 spline, 1,000 rpm; Optional: A 1,000-rpm PTO with a 1 3/4-in. (44 mm), 20-spline shaft; CVT models come standar
  • SCR Technology; ; Case IH SCR Technology - More Productivity, Less Fuel.; ; For the first time since the U.S. and Canadian Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA) and the European Union (EU) began tightening emissions requirements, producers have the opportunity to reap environmental rewards without taking a performance hit. Case IH Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology improves horsepower, engine responsiveness, fuel economy and durability, all while lowering emissions. It's innovation that meets government standards without sacrificing production.; ; SELECTIVE CATALYTIC REDUCTION (SCR); Meets the tough Tier 4A and new Tier 4B emissions standards; 10% lower operating costs with exhaust as clean as the intake air; SCR after-treatment converts nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and water vapors; Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), a non-toxic mixture, triggers the change; Engine design reduces particulate matter created by incomplete fuel burning; More power, better fuel economy and more flexibility in fuel choice; SCR maximizes horsepower because the system is separate from the engine; The design leads to better fuel economy and improved engine durability, while giving you more flexibility to choose among diesel fuel varieties and grades; Case IH has a full team of professionals to help you tailor your equipment to fit the way you farm and meet new challenges; Product specialists, technical service managers, customer support and field service staff ready to work with dealers and producers in a seamless system; SCR emission controls are separate from the engine, so they don't effect engine performance
  • Engine: 6.7-liter Tier 4B
  • Max HP: 270
  • Transmission: CVT
  • Rated HP: 240
Power Take-off (pto)
  • HP: 210



Engine Type
6.7-liter Tier 4B