2014 Case IH Puma 130


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Case IH
Puma 130
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2014 865 Hrs. 3 Remotes, 18.4R42 rears, 14.9R30 fronts, Guidance ready, High Visibility Cab, 98 inch bar axles


Now Equipped with Fuel-Saving Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

Puma series is an efficient, multipurpose tractor line with just the right size and power to handle a variety of tasks in your operation. The new generation of Puma tractors delivers big-iron power, performance and comfort — plus features and technology almost as versatile as you are.

  • More Usable Horsepower When and Where You Need It: Time is money. So slowing down on hilly terrain, tiptoeing through tough spots in the field, even spending too much time controlling your tractor, can all cost you. The Case IH Puma lineup has plenty of power in a mid-size package, plus features like Power Boost, Power Growth, and the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) option - to deliver more power when and where you need it most, while keeping you productive.
  • Innovations Born in the Field vs. the Board Room. Because No One Understands the Challenges You're Facing Better than You: Our customers are the driving force behind the best innovations in Puma tractors. That's because Case IH engineers work with producers in the field, then use your feedback to build even better tractors, tools and technologies. We call this process Customer Driven Product Design (CDPD). It's how we meet your demands for power, performance and comfort in the field.
  • Designed for Loader Work, with Added Innovations that Lighten Your Load: Case IH Puma tractors are engineered for loader chores, with great visibility without blind spots, and conveniently located loader controls. Through our Customer Driven Product Design (CDPD) process, we've developed additional features that make a long day of loader work easier - and keep you more comfortable. Features like Turn Assist, the MultiControl Armrest and electro-hydraulic joystick. It's all designed to let you move more loads with less effort.
  • Case IH SCR Technology - More Productivity, Less Fuel: For the first time since the U.S. and Canadian Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA) and the European Union (EU) began tightening emissions requirements, producers have the opportunity to reap environmental rewards without taking a performance hit. Case IH Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology improves horsepower, engine responsiveness, fuel economy and durability, all while lowering emissions. It's innovation that meets government standards without sacrificing production.
  • You Work Hard to Protect the Environment on Your Farm. Here's an Environment Designed to Protect You: This operator environment may seem familiar - the outstanding visibility in all directions, the suspended cab adn smooth ride, the MultiControl Armrest that puts all the major tractor controls at your fingertips. It should. It's the same comfortable set-up you'll find in all Case IH Steiger, Magnum and Puma Series tractors.
  • Rugged Components and Easy Maintenance. Because There's No Time for Down-Time: It's the nature of framing today - producers need to cover more ground in less time. You can't afford to be sidelined for costly service or lengthy maintenance. That's why we engineered Puma tractors with rugged Case IH components proven to provide years of reliable service. And why we added features like the easy-opening hood, convenient service steps to the cab and a right-hand service access door for easy cleanout and serviceability. We also made sure that daily maintenance checks are quick, easy - and at eye level.
  • Plug and Play Autoguidance Ready - Right from the Factory: It's the fastest growing feature on farm tractors for a reason. Autoguidance increases productivity and reduces costs. All Puma tractors can now be ordered AFS AccuGuide complete right from the factory. So your precision system is ready to go when your Puma rolls off the line. The benefits? Building the system with the tractor at the plant ensures correct installation, testing and quality. You can roll your pecision system into your Puma financing package. And installation and set-up at the dealership moves that much faster.
Engine Performance
  • Advertised Engine Power, Rated, hp (kW): 131 (96)
  • Maximum Engine Power, hp (kW): 171 (126)
  • Rated Engine Speed, rpm: 2200
  • Power Boost, hp (kW): 40 (29)
  • Fuel Tank capacity, gal (L): 71 (269)
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank capacity, gal (L): 12.7 (48)
PTO Performance
  • PTO Horsepower, Basic / Optional Transmission, hp (kW): 105 (78)
  • PTO Speeds, rpm: 540 / 1000
  • PTO operational Type (Independent; Live; Continuous): Independent
Basic Engine
  • Engine Make: Case IH FPT
  • Engine Model: 6.7L
  • Number of Cylinders: 6
  • Displacement, cu in (L): 411 (6.7)
  • Engine Bore, in (mm): 4.095 (104)
  • Engine Stroke, in (mm): 5.20 (132)
  • Block Design, Replaceable Liners: Parent bore
  • Aspiration, Turbocharged or Naturally Aspirated: Turbocharged / air-to-air aftercooled
Fuel System
  • Fuel System Description: High Pressure Common Rail
  • Fuel System Control, Electronic or Mechanical: Electronic
  • Fuel Injection to combustion chamber, Direct or Indirect: Direct
Emission and Exhaust Treatment
  • Emission Level, US EPA Tier: Tier 4A (Interim)
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) w/Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF): SCR with DEF
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR): No
  • Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC): No
  • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF): No
  • Exhaust Pipe, Vertical stack or Horizontal: Vertical stack
Cooling System
  • Fan Drive Type: Viscous
Electrical System
  • System Rating, Volts: 12
  • Alternator Rating, Amps: 150 Std / 200 Opt
Basic Transmission Configuration
  • Manufacturer's Description: 18 x 6 Full Powershift
  • Transmission Type: Full powershift
  • Number of Forward / Reverse Speeds: 18F / 6R
  • Maximum Speed Forward, mph (kph): 25 (40)
  • Creeper Range Available: Optional
  • Shuttle (Forward-Reverse) Available: Yes
Optional Transmission 1
  • Manufacturer's Description: 19 x 6 Hi-Speed Gear, 25 mph (40kph)
  • Transmission Type: Full powershift
  • Number of Forward / Reverse Speeds: 19F / 6R
Optional Transmission 2
  • Manufacturer's Description: 19 x 6 Hi-Speed Gear, 30 mph (50kph)
  • Transmission Type: Full powershift
  • Number of Forward / Reverse Speeds: 19F / 6R
Wheel or Track Configuration
  • Drive Wheels or Tracks; 2WD, 4WD, 2WD / 4WD, 2 Tracks or 4 Tracks: 4WD
  • Steering Configuration: Front Steer, Frame Articulated, or Track-type Steer: Front Steer
Rear Axle Assembly
  • Final Drive Location and Description: Planetary / Inboard
  • Axle Output End, Flange or Bar: Flange or bar
  • Axle Bar Diameter, in (mm): 3.62 (92)
Front Axle
  • Suspended Front Axle Available: Optional
  • Service Brake Type: Wet disc
Hydraulic System
  • Hydraulic System Type: Closed Center, Pressure Flow Compensated (PFC)
  • Main Hydraulic Pump Type: Variable Displacement
  • Standard Pump Flow, gpm (Lpm): 26.5 (100)
  • Optional Pump Flow, gpm (Lpm): No option
  • Number of Standard Remote Valves: 2 std; 3 or 4 opt.
3-Point Hitch
  • 3-Point Hitch Category: Category 2
  • Optional Hitch Category: Category 2 / 3N
  • Draft Sensing or Lift Control: Electronic Draft Control (EDC)
  • Draft Link Ends Adjustable: Yes
  • Standard Lift Capacity 24 Inches behind pin, lb (kg): 7,900 (3584)
  • Optional Lift Capacity 24 Inches behind pin, lb (kg): 9,200 (4173)
  • Drawbar Description: Swinging
  • Wheelbase/Trackbase, MFD/4WD or Track, in (mm): 107.8 (2739) / 109.7 (2786) Suspended Axle
  • Length, MFD/4WD or track, incl. Hitch/Drawbar, in (mm): 179.5 (4559)
  • Height to Top of Cab, in (mm): 118.3 (3005)
Weight (w/Tires or Tracks)
  • Weight, MFD/4WD or Tracks w/Cab, without ballast, lb (kg): 13,500 (6123)
  • Weight, Total allowable, w/maximum ballast, lb (kg): 23,149 (10500)
Tire / Track Size
  • Front Tire Size or Track Width, MFD/4WD or Track: 14.9 R30, R1W
  • Rear Tire Size or Track Width: 18.4 R42, R1W



Engine Manufacturer
Engine Type
411 cu.in. (6.7 L), 6 cylinder, Turbocharged air-to-air aftercooled, Tier 4A (Interim)
Rated: 131 hp (96 kW); Maximum: 171 hp (126 kW)
105 hp (78 kW)
Rated RPM
2200 rpm
Bore and Stroke
4.095 x 5.20 in. (104 x 132 mm)


107.8 in. (2739 mm); 109.7 in. (2786 mm) Suspended Axle
118.3 in. (3005 mm)
13,500 lb. (6123 kg) without ballast
Tire Size
Front: 14.9 R30, R1W; Rear: 18.4 R42, R1W


Fuel System
High Pressure Common Rail
Fuel Capacity
71 gal. (269 L)
Standard: 18 x 6 Full Powershift
Wet disc
Type: Closed Center, Pressure Flow Compensated (PFC); Standard Pump Flow: 26.5 gpm (100 Lpm)
Drive Type