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2011 Case IH 7088 - 1475E Guidance Ready, Duals, Grain Tank Covers, Corn head is sold separately


Productivity and Performance

Case IH Axial-Flow® combines lead the industry with carefully matched systems that ensure productivity. With the fewest drive components, Axial-Flow combines are engineered for simplicity and reliability.

  • Controlling crop flow is key to harvesting success, and it starts with delivery of the crop from the header to the rotor. Axial-Flow® combine feeders promote a thick crop mat and are sized to match combine capacity – both threshing/separating capacity and throughput requirements of each combine model.
  • Axial-Flow matched capacity ensures smooth, consistent crop flow into the machine and improves productivity and provides maximum capacity and grain recovery
  • All Axial-Flow combines have a common feeder/header interface that incorporates single-point header latching, a hydraulic multi-coupler and an electrical connection and makes header attachment faster, easier and safer
  • Optional Terrain Tracker provides optional header lateral tilt. This allows header to follow ground contours as it pivots to increase your harvest efficiency, provides 5 degrees of tilt each way, for 10 degrees of movement. Available on all Axial-Flow models
  • Feeder Chains: All models equipped with serrated 1/4-in. (1/3-cm) feeder slats for consistent feeding. Serrations are rolled into the slat to reduce the chance of grain damage. Spring-loaded feeder chain tensioning system with a quick visual gauge is standard on all Axial-Flow combines. It provides consistent chain tension and a quick visual indication of chain tension, reduces noise, virtually eliminates routine adjustment and increases chain life. Three-strand feeder chain on 88 Series combine
  • The patented transition cone with impeller system on the front of the Axial-Flow® AFX rotor smoothly accelerates the crop mat, promoting positive material flow with less impact damage – and superior threshing and separating performance.
  • Rotor Transition Cone: Simple geometry gently transitions crop from feeder to rotor with no moving parts. Crop smoothly accelerates in a spiral motion
  • A single in-line Axial-Flow rotor coupled with a concentric rotor cage delivers gentle, multiple pass, grain-on-grain threshing, the hallmark of an Axial-Flow machine for over 30 years. Exclusive adjustable rotor cage vanes allow you to customize crop flow to conditions for maximum performance and productivity. The vanes have three positions: fast, mid and slow. Crop control provides uniform crop flow and more consistent power needs while reducing peak horsepower and consuming less fuel
  • One of the most important elements affecting combine capacity, instead of longer rotors, Case IH Axial-Flow combines use concave/module wrap to increase capacity. The concave/module wrap provides a longer, more efficient threshing/separating zone for optimum threshing and separating capacity. Electrically operated concave/module adjustment is monitored by the in-cab position display
  • Multiple concave and grate options let you easily adapt 88 Series combines to handle different crops and conditions
Grain Cleaning
  • All Axial-Flow® combines lead the industry in cleaning system size, grain quality and grain savings, and offer cleaning systems that match the capacity of the combine, a Cross-Flow® cleaning fan that delivers clean grain samples, and exceptional grain quality, ideal for food-grade crops and crops grown for seed
  • Patented Case IH Cross-Flow® cleaning fan delivers extremely uniform air flow. It creates a vortex at its center, resulting in uniform air flow across the entire sieve and ensures a clean sample at high harvest speeds, maximizing grain savings. A redesigned fan air inlet shields maintain cleaning fan performance in adverse conditions
  • Auger bed of five augers delivers crop smoothly to the grain pan and cleaning area. Chaffer sieve has three adjustable sections which allows easy fine-tuning for different harvest conditions: eight different sieve combinations let you clean most any crop; front, middle and rear sections adjust independently for better performance; and lower and upper sieve sections move in opposite directions for better cleaning. Several sieve choices are available for maximum cleaning and grain savings. Convenient sieve access door and light allow easy inspection and external right-hand sieve adjustment levers are provided for added convenience. Optional hillside dividers are available for the top sieve and grain pan to improve operating performance in hilly terrain.
  • In-Cab Sieve Adjustment lets you fine-tune sieves from the operator's seat. Optional on 88 Series combines.
  • On 88 Series combines the automatic crop settings (ACS) option uses the electrically adjusted upper and lower sieves, plus rotor speed, concave position and fan speed to quickly set the combine for each crop harvested
Grain Handling/Residue Management
  • Large grain tanks, longer augers, faster unloading speeds and quick-folding, no-tools-required extensions are standard on all Axial-Flow® models, so you can unload on-the-go in comfort for maximum productivity. Residue management systems can tailor residue to your tillage and livestock demands.
  • Axial-Flow combines feature larger grain tank capacities: 300-bu. (10,570-L) grain tank on the 7088
  • All Axial-Flow combines include standard, quick-folding grain tank extensions that don't require tools. An optional in-cab folding grain tank extension package allows for one-switch control of folding without sacrificing overall grain tank capacity, inclined delivery auger folds in conjunction with grain tank extensions – in less than one minute, with no tools, which makes easy work of switching from field to transport
  • Clean grain elevator capacity has increased 15%, to 3,450 bu. (121,575 L) per hour, on 88 Series combines resulting in higher productivity without compromising grain quality or increasing horsepower requirements
  • 88 Series combines feature improved elevator inlet geometry, a larger clean grain cross auger – increased 1/2 in. (1 1/4 cm) diameter, and a redesigned inclined delivery auger. Elevator tensioning, including yield monitor load sensor, is adjusted at ground level using a single wrench
  • 88 Series models have 18-, 21- and 24- ft. (5-, 6-, 7-m) unload auger options and a 3.0-bu. (106-L) per sec unload rate.
  • To aid in clean-out, standard full-length clean grain and tailings cross-auger troughs drop down easily with improved access
  • Adjustable, no-tools required, spring loaded latched auger tent covers allow easy adjustment to match desired unload rate and reduced torque load. Heavier grain tank cross auger drive chains and sprockets extend performance and service life. Auger lengths on all Axial-Flow models allow you to maintain a comfortable distance between the header and the grain cart while unloading on the go
  • 88 Series combines feature: a two-speed spreader drive design, enhanced with a spring-loaded, over-center tensioner that allows for quicker spreader speed changes; longer spreader shafts and surround curtains for consistent, even residue spreading; a two-position straw hood that aids in windrow formation
  • The 5088, 6088 and 7088 models are based on the renowned Case IH heritage chassis, for growers who prefer the simplicity of the previous 2577 and 2588 platforms, but require additional capacity.
  • A longer wheelbase on 88 Series combines supports larger headers without additional rear ballast
  • Wheelbase has increased from 141.2 - 150.2 in (358.6 - 381.5 cm) for increased stability and smoother operation
  • All 88 Series combines feature a 60/40 front/rear weight distribution – so no ballast is required for any approved Case IH header
  • All Axial-Flow models can be equipped with optional rear power-guide axle for increased traction and mobility
  • On 88 Series models, powered and non-powered rear axles incorporate a common center section with increased strength
  • Non-powered guide axle features an offset kingpin design for improved turning radius for larger tires
  • Axial-Flow® combines are powered by proven, reliable, fuel-efficient engines, from the same engine families you'll find in Steiger® and Magnum™ tractors. They're powerful, turbocharged and aftercooled, Tier III compliant and approved for bio-diesel blends
  • All Axial-Flow combine engines include: full-authority, electronic fuel injection systems that improve performance, reliability and fuel efficiency – for running at optimum harvest speed; Cross-Flow® head design that maximizes efficiency by positioning the intake and exhaust manifold on opposite sides of the engine, allowing cooler air to be used; efficient air cleaner design that improves engine performance – and a filter location that makes for easy servicing; engine grid heater, activated by the ignition switch, preheats the engine air for cold-weather starting; wet-sleeve, mid-stop liners provide uniform temperature and top efficiency to extend engine life
  • The Axial-Flow 88 Series utilizes a flat stationary screen with a rotating wand and powered evacuation system for cleaner radiator, coolers and engine intake systems.
  • Power Rise is standard on all Axial-Flow combines. It provides additional horsepower to help the operator power tackle tough green-stem soybeans, green rice, tough wheat straw, or unload on the go without losing speed or productivity
  • Power Boost: The 7088 provides an extra 25 horsepower – in addition to Power Rise – for extra power when unloading on the go
Drive Systems
  • The Axial-Flow 88 Series rotor drives feature Kevlar belt technology with extra large pulleys. An exclusive three-speed gearbox provides maximum belt wrap while ensuring efficient power transfer from the engine to the rotor.
  • Field-proven feeder drive system uses a simple, inline drive belt design
  • Protected by a large capacity slip clutch
  • Optional two-speed header drive
  • Increases header/feeder capacity
  • Increases header speed by 15% for increased productivity
  • High-capacity hydraulically-driven feeder reverser
  • Provides positive reversing with up to 1,200 foot-pounds of drive torque
  • Gives you the power and torque you need
  • Three-speed gear box provides
  • Maximum belt wrap for less slippage and greater durability
  • Efficient power transfer from engine to rotor
  • Rotor speed overlap for longer belt life
  • Improvements allow for higher torque loads and longer component life
Ground Drive
  • The Axial-Flow® 88 Series transmissions are tailored to optimize ground speed and torque for different harvesting conditions and terrain. The two-speed option on the 5088, 6088 and 7088 models offer a wider range of working and travel speeds for increased productivity.
  • All Axial-Flow combines are offered with a wide variety of tire options to meet your demands, while providing unmatched traction, propulsion, power and flotation. Axial-Flow combines can be equipped with tires from Firestone, Goodyear, or Michelin. Tires are offered in a wide selection of sizes to suit Row crops, High flotation, Small grains, Specialty applications
  • The Axial-Flow® combine cab is designed for productivity and comfort, right down to the ergonomic console layout with color-coded controls. An industry-leading glass area gives you unsurpassed sight lines, and panoramic views of the entire header.
  • Cab Comfort: Focalized cab mounting shields you from vibrations. Automatic climate control system keeps the temperature constant. Standard air suspension seat with left-hand armrest and removable seat cushion. Seat controls are right up front for easy adjustment. Optional red leather heated seat, like the legendary Steiger® and Magnum™ tractors. Right-hand console adjusts to your favorite position, then moves in tandem with the seat. User-friendly controls give you maximum convenience with minimum effort. Adjustable multi-function propulsion lever: developed from fighter pilot research and design, provides resume and shift features for increased functionality; gives you control of six vital harvest functions with the touch of your thumb, flip a switch to control 10 additional functions
  • The 88 Series cab gives you: 55 sq. ft. (5 sq. m) of total glass; optional AFS® Pro 600 display, which provides yield and moisture monitoring, data logging, mapping and autoguidance, as well as incorporating Automatic Crop Settings (ACS); ACS option lets you preset the machine for rotor and fan speeds, concave clearance and sieve openings – and make adjustments from your seat; new A-Post monitor design incorporates common features of Steiger® and Magnum™ tractors, with increased combine functionality and performance boosting features, such as monitoring percent of engine load and grain loss displays; and new wheat color interior to match the entire Case IH fleet of machines
  • All Axial-Flow combines have optional High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting packages.
  • Oval light design on 88 Series combines incorporates the style and functionality of the Axial-Flow family
  • The standard AFS® yield and moisture system on Axial-Flow® combines includes a moisture sensor that measures moisture levels and grain temperature and a flow sensor that measures the flow of grain in the elevator
  • All Axial-Flow combines can be equipped with the Case IH AFS AccuGuide™ autoguidance system, including: AFS Pro 600 display – for precision farming and Automatic Crop Setting control; Navigation II Controller – mounted inside the cab, receives data from the user, satellites, correction signals and steering inputs; AFS 262 GPS Receiver – provides signals for differential correction
  • AFS Pro 600 Display: This large touch-screen color display provides on-the-go yield monitoring, yield logging, on-screen, real-time yield and moisture mapping, and Automatic Crop Setting (ACS) monitoring and control. Portable and customizable, so you can use it on AFS AccuGuide™ autoguidance systems on Case IH tractors and planters to provide curved and straight line guidance, control implement functions, and control variable-rate planting and seeding based on a prescription map
  • GPS Receiver: Provides signals for differential corrections. Capable of receiving WAAS/EGNOS, OminSTAR XP, OminSTAR HP and RTK signals. Fully portable with quick-release latches. Upgrade your GPS correction signal with Case IH RTK GPS base station (corrects GPS signals from government satellites for sub-inch accuracy) and OmniStar XP/HP subscription – for 2 - 5-in. (5 - 13-cm) accuracy
  • Maintenance is easy on Axial-Flow® combines
  • Convenient access to essential areas such as hydraulics, batteries, filters and the grain tank
  • Fewer belts and chains to adjust and maintain
  • Side inspection doors and service lights
  • Non-skid surfaces on all platforms
  • Transmission cases and gear boxes include site gauges
  • Combine Class: Class VII
  • Rated power – hp (kW): 325 (242)
  • Horsepower rise/boost (kW): 25/25 (19/19)
  • Maximum horsepower (kW): 375 (280)
  • Engine displacement: CDC 9.0L
  • Fuel tank – gal. (liters): 250 (945)
  • Rotor diameter – in. (mm): 30 (762)
  • Grain tank – bushels (liters): 300 (10570)
  • Unload rate – bu./sec (L/sec.): 3.0 (106)
  • Rotor drive: Belt; 3-speed gearbox
  • Belt width - in. (mm): 3 (76) HD
  • Total cleaning area – cu. in. (m2): 7,947 (5.1)
  • Cleaning system: Fixed
  • Feeder width – in. (mm): 46 (1155)
  • Wheelbase 2WD - in. (mm): 150.2 (3816)
  • Wheelbase PGA – in. (mm): 150.2 (3816)
  • Weight – lbs. (kg): 33,410 (15154)
Header Compatibility
  • 2010 Grain Heads: 20, 25, 30 ft.
  • 2020 Flex Heads: 20, 25, 30, 35 ft.
  • 3400 Corn Heads: 3406, 3408, 3412
  • 2600 Corn Heads: 2606, 2608, 2608F
  • 2142 Draper: 25, 30, 35 ft.
  • 2152 Draper: 25-40 ft.
  • 2162 Draper: 30, 35, 40 ft.
  • 2016 Pickup: 14, 16 ft.
Axial-Flow AFX Rotor
  • Case IH launched the first single-rotor Axial-Flow® combine in 1977. Thanks to the simple and reliable design, more than 30 years later, single-rotor technology still leads the industry.
  • Six core principles drive AFX Axial-Flow rotor design: Simplicity – Fewer moving parts for better reliability and easy service; Grain Quality – Gentle grain-on-grain threshing minimizes grain damage; Grain Savings – Through thorough threshing and efficient separation; Crop Adaptability – Harvests more than 80 types of grains in many conditions; Matched Capacity – Matched systems optimize crop flow and productivity; Resale Value – Impressive resale value maximizes your investment
  • AFX Rotor Design: Standard 30-in. (76-cm) diameter in-line rotor offers gentle, multiple-pass grain-on-grain threshing. A single concentric moving part for threshing and separating requires fewer adjustments and less maintenance than conventional machines. It efficiently moves material through the rotor cage – regardless of crop or conditions – to maintain crop flow and crop control.
  • Multiple-pass threshing and 360 degree centrifugal-force separation results in more complete, gentle threshing, increased grain separation and less damage to fragile kernels. Smooth uninterrupted crop flow reduces horsepower demands, decreases fuel use and reduces wear on threshing components
  • Optional Small Tube Rotor: Small Tube (ST) rotor is standard for rice and optional for small grains producers, it provides increased productivity in tough harvest conditions. The smaller diameter and taller rasp bars let more tough rice straw work its way through the entire length of the rotor so the crop feeds more evenly and there is more crop-on-crop threshing opportunity. Recent improvements enable higher grain quality in tough threshing conditions; higher ground speeds that boost productivity; easier operation, with smoother material flow; less rumbling, so reduced likelihood of slugging the rotor.
All specifications with 900 single & 600 steer tires and choppers.



CDC 9.0 L
Horse Power
Rated: 325 hp (242 kW); Max: 375 hp (280 kW)


33,410 lb. (15154 kg)